American Power:

The essence of the story is that Obama was a committed, impassioned, inspiring professor, but teaching was literally an adjunct to his political aspirations. He didn’t push too hard – never pressed buttons or stepped on toes – and didn’t publish for fear of an ideological paper trail.

But he did leave one, in a sense, that provides at least telltale indicators to his ideological thinking.

As Kantor notes, in her second piece, “Inside Professor Obama’s Classroom,” the newspaper’s research into Obama’s Chicago days unearthed some of his teaching materials, including syllabi, examinations, and internal memos.

Particularly revealing is Obama’s syllabus to his Spring 1994 law seminar, “Current Issues in Racism and the Law.” If Obama was resistant to conservative ideas at Chicago, his reading assignments open the door to his closeted postmodern approach to legal curricula.

There’s a lot more useful information there regarding Obama’s syllabi. Go check it out.