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'Postal worker' makes voting joke, meltdown ensues

On Sunday afternoon, Twitter user @randygdub admitted to a pretty serious offense.


Unsurprisingly, people weren’t too happy.

Fortunately, Jackson Berger was right; Randy was just lying to get attention. The next day it was discovered that the whole thing was a joke. Although, not too many people are laughing, especially those who fell for it.

Former actor and Trump supporter Scott Baio tweeted this after seeing Randy’s “confession.”

Jim Hoft, author of the GatewayPundit blog, wrote a post early Monday morning with the headline: “POSTAL WORKER Brags Online About Destroying Trump Ballots.” The Drudge Report even shared Hoft’s post on Twitter.

Hoft later updated the blog post to say that Randy’s tweet was a joke. Needless to say, Hoft didn’t take it well. “Because voter fraud is funny? I’ve seen people get banned from Twitter for less than this.”


Baio, Hoft, and Drudge weren’t the only ones who reacted to Randy’s tweet. According to the Daily Beast, Rush Limbaugh also discussed it on air. Limbaugh called Randy’s place of employment the “Post Orifice” and claimed that the story wasn’t getting more attention because of liberal media bias.

The Daily Beast and NY Mag pointed out that anyone who took a few minutes to scroll through Randy’s old tweets would’ve noticed that nothing he posts is meant to be taken seriously.

You’d think most people aren’t foolish enough to admit to such a crime online.

But in this cycle, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction.

Real funny, Randy. Way to throw fuel on a flame.

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