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Watch Dana Loesch Eviscerate CNN On Gun Control and AR-15s


The Blaze TV host and conservative pundit Dana Loesch made an appearance on CNN’s Tonight With Don Lemon earlier this week to talk about the Orlando shooting and defend her right to carry a firearm.


“There is something wrong with people’s hearts when they want to go out and mass murder people. They are not going to be put off of committing that crime by just a simple gun law.”

When Lemon tried to press her on making “assault weapons” available to the public, Loesch educated the CNN host on what he was actually thinking about.

Watch Loesch nail everything the media is getting wrong about AR-15s below:

“Here’s the problem, criminals are always going to have guns. That’s not good enough argument to take mine from me and I want to defend myself.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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