2018 is upon us and California gun owners are sprinting to stock up on ammunition before a new law bans home deliveries. That’s right. Next year, ammunition can no longer be shipped to your home in The Golden State. It’ll have to be sent to a firearms dealer with a federal firearms license or any other entity that’s been approved by the Department of Justice. And yes, a background check will be required prior to the transfer (via CBS San Francisco):

Ammunition sales across California are skyrocketing heading into the end of the year, but the deals have nothing to do with Christmas or holiday sales.

Direct-mail ammo sales are up 187 percent over last year, with some of the biggest increases are in the Bay Area.

In Concord, sales have rocketed 968 percent. In Santa Clara, sales have spiked 315 percent.

California hunters and gun enthusiasts are stocking up on ammunition this holiday season with online sales.

Come January 1, ammo purchased online can’t be delivered to your doorstep. It will have to be shipped to a licensed dealer that has been approved by the Department of Justice.


Starting July of 2019, California residents will need to have a background check prior to purchasing ammo.

The new ammunition provision is part of a bunch of new gun laws the state is enacting starting in 2018. Of course, anti-gun groups say this is not a move to prevent law-abiding gun owners from purchasing ammunition. It’s to prevent criminals and other prohibited persons from having access to ammunition.

Note: This article originally appeared on Townhall.com and was written by Matt Vespa