Ever wonder what Hillary Clinton’s soul looks like?


Yup…seems about right.

Ebay user hajismojo has put Hillary Clinton’s “black soul” on Ebay with a starting bid of $10.


The item condition is listed as “old but unused.”

Here’s the epic description that comes with it:

For a limited time, available to the highest bidder, is the unopened, unused, and unfortunately non-working soul of Hillary Clinton.  Although many times souls are exchanged with the devil for favors or other worldly items, even lucifer said this one was a bit too evil for him so it is going to have to go for cold hard cash. Comes with a free pass from the FBI and DOJ.

It is very adept at deceit, murder a.k.a assisted “suicide”, incompetence and ineptitude. Somehow it has embodied Rules for Radicals and knows the book of satan backwards and forwards, however it has never seen the US Constitution.

Very flexible for its age as it likes to be used to cover things up or be covered up itself.  Recently gained strength through the consumption of others poorer souls such as Bernie Sander, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Tim Kaine and Richard Hanna to name a few.



There’s still 8 days left to bid…but if you believe  Clinton Cash, you might be a couple decades too late.