As anti-police sentiments rise in the United States, happy stories about law enforcement restore a little bit of our faith in humanity.

Like this recent video that is going viral: police officers in Halifax, Virginia stopped a woman on the side of the street and approached her car as if conducting a routine traffic stop.

Instead, the officer asked the nervous-looking driver, “Are you familiar with vehicle code 1739?”

She answered no, and he delivered the punch line:

“Well, it’s actually against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone.”

Surprised, the driver and her male passenger instantly burst into laughter, and the officer filming handed over two cones.

Some Twitter users loved the kind-hearted prank, saying that it is evidence of the good nature of law enforcement.

Some users seemed to lack a sense of humor, though. They said the prank was dangerous and didn’t change their negative opinion of police.

This person was so angry about police giving away ice cream that they didn’t bother to spell check their tweet.

What do you think about these police officers and their prank?