Here’s a little feel-good story to take you into the weekend.

South Carolina high school student Tae Moore noticed that another student was being bullied over his shoes.

“This kid go to our school named Eazy-T. He likes to rap and etc., he said he wants to be a rapper, just trying to chase his dream but kids at school like to bully him and pick on him and talk about the way he dresses and looks, so I went and bought him some Jordan’s,” Moore said partially in the post.

Tae Moore asked Taylor Bates (“Easy-T”) for his shoe size, and told him to meet back at the cafeteria the following day at the exact same spot. When Taylor showed up, Moore presented him with his own pair of Jordans.

In a follow up Instagram post, Taylor told his version of the story, thanking Moore for his kindness.

“He said, ‘I heard people have been bullying you, so I wanted to get you these to make you feel better, and when he said that I hugged him and I almost cried, and I cannot thank him enough.”