This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the story of Navy machinist Kristian Saucier, and it shouldn’t be the last.

In August of this year Saucier was found guilty of mishandling classified information when he took photos inside the engine room of a nuclear submarine. The issue resurfaced during the vice-presidential debate when Gov. Mike Pence told Sen. Tim Kaine that if anyone else had mishandled information the way Clinton did, they’d be in prison.

PENCE: If your son or my son handled classified information the way Hillary Clinton did [moderator interjects] one hundred thousand of them children — Governor …

PENCE: … they’d be court martialed.

KAINE: That is absolutely false and you know that.

In the days after the debate, pundits pointed out that Kristian Saucier’s case wasn’t all that different from Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.


Now, after Hillary’s email investigation was reignited by the FBI this past Friday, Saucier’s mother is wondering why her son is serving a prison sentence while Hillary is still allowed to run for president.

Watch her response:

She’s not the only one asking: