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Reuters cheers 'more than 40' deportations; Honduras' First Lady bemoans illegal aliens' 'big loans'

Alternative headline for Reuters’ “article”: “Hooray for the awesome Obama Administration!”


The First Lady of Honduras,  Ana García de Hernández, is undoubtedly concerned about the rampant violence in her country. But according to Reuters, she emphasized a different matter yesterday:

SAN PEDRO SULA Honduras (Reuters) – More than 40 Central American children were expelled from the United States on flights to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador on Friday, as the U.S. government stepped up its deportation of illegal child migrants.

Thirty-three minors aged 6 months to 15 years along with 26 mothers landed on a U.S. flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the city with the world’s highest murder rate.

There, the first lady of the country, Ana Garcia de Hernandez, met them and immediately expressed concern.

“Many of these (mothers) took out big loans, so how are they going to pay them now?” Garcia said. [Emphasis added.]


That’s her main concern?


Editor’s note: We have changed “40” deportations to “more than 40” deportations in our headline.  The latter is a direct quote from the first sentence of the Reuters article. There were actually a total of 59 people expelled from the U.S. (33 minors and 26 moms), assuming no overlap between minors and moms.


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