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Horrifying: Egyptian police stand by as thugs attack Coptic Christians

This evening, an Islamist mob attacked Egyptian Coptic Christians at Abbasiya Cathedral, one of Cairo’s largest Coptic cathedrals.


According to AP, the Coptic Christians had been peacefully protesting Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi before the attacks began:

The Christians were chanting slogans against Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, just as several thousand did earlier during the funeral service nearby in the Coptic Orthodox cathedral in Cairo.

The attacking mob, described by witnesses as residents of the area, forced the marchers to take shelter inside the sprawling cathedral complex. They also showered the protesters with rocks from the roofs of nearby buildings, according to witness Ibrahim el-Shareef.

Today’s attacks follow the death of four Coptic Christians killed in sectarian violence over the weekend.

Alastair Beach of the UK Independent is live-tweeting events as they unfold:


According to Beach, Egyptian security personnel are doing nothing to protect those inside the Cathedral from the mob:


How significant are today’s events?


Will the U.S. government do anything?

If you pray, say a prayer for Egypt’s Coptic Christians.


This is not particularly reassuring:

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