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9/11 brings out the cray cray

It’s not just Keith Olbermann. A whopping 42.6 percent of Democrats think former President George W. Bush either caused 9/11 or allowed it to happen, according to a 2007 Zogby poll. That sentiment was much in evidence this morning on Twitter:



So much compassion:

We believe you are nuts:

Video proof!

Hey, he’s just asking questions:



Hasn’t yet learned about the Caps Lock key:

Kudos to this Truther for acknowledging that Bush is only “probably” responsible:

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is already planning the next 9/11?

And they say the Birthers are crazy.

Update: Great point by Vicki Stromlund in the comments section: “[I]f it were true,  Obama’s administration had the SEALS take out an innocent man when they killed Bin Laden. Guess the accusers didn’t think their argument through.”

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