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NPR calls GOP critic of Obama a 'dope'

Well, maybe that’s not what NPR intended to do, at least not this blatantly, but geez. Freudian slip, anyone?

NPR has a history of ineptitude and willful ignorance, so perhaps this latest gaffe shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. This merely added to some Twitterers’ already mounting disgust for NPR:


Here’s a screenshot of the original headline:


It didn’t take long for Frank James, the author of the piece, to wise up and make a change:

James was pretty mortified, and with good reason. He posted a correction in the comments section:

The article itself was very interesting. James rightly points out that President Obama’s assertion that the private sector is “doing fine” was ripe for major mockage. Unfortunately, the headline is the first thing people see, and what that headline really needed was a hyphen. Good punctuation is a precious commodity, and it can make all the difference between a literal smack and a verbal one. Better luck next time, guys.

Ah, Frank’s kingdom for a hyphen!

h/t John Williams

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