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Milwaukee Police Department says it’s evaluating Twitter threats made against Gov. Scott Walker

As Twitchy reported last night, death threats against Gov. Scott Walker flooded the Twittersphere after he defeated Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin recall election. News of the threats spread quickly after our report was linked by Drudge, and it appears law enforcement is taking the threats seriously.


From the Milwaukee Police Department’s Facebook page:

The Milwaukee Police Department and the Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation are evaluating the threats made to the Governor via social media. All threats are handled seriously and can represent a criminal act. People cannot assume anonymity via social media while issuing a threat to another’s safety or life.

Any angry, delusional liberals still want to claim Twitchy fabricated the death threats? Anyone?

TMJ4 has more:

The Milwaukee Police Department said that they and the Wisconsin Department of Justice are looking into death threats made against Governor Scott Walker the morning after he won a gubernatorial recall election.

Newsradio 620 WTMJ has confirmed a number of tweets which were aggregated and posted on Wednesday morning.

Those tweets describe various death threats against the Governor.

Many contain vulgar content, but one of them includes “Scott Walker will die within the next week.  I’ve already paid for the hit.”

The Governor’s spokesman tells 620WTMJ that they are aware of the threats, that Walker has security, and that his schedule will not change from what has been planned.


Associated Press:

An email from police department spokeswoman Anne Schwartz says all threats are handled seriously and can be a criminal act. It says people cannot assume anonymity via social media while issuing a threat to another’s safety or life. Schwartz declined to elaborate.

Authorities say the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation is also looking into the threats.

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