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Exit polls show dead heat in Wisconsin; Update: Walker wins; Update: Kleefisch wins

Polls are now closed. CNN’s exit poll says the race is 50-50:


Chuck Todd of NBC News agrees with CNN’s assessment:

One thing is clear already: turnout was very high on both sides of the aisle:

A majority of Wisconsin recall voters prefer President Obama to Mitt Romney, according to exit polls.


Where to go to track results as they come in:

Here are the first early results, and we do mean early:

Republicans getting nervous?

The race for Lt. Governor is also expected to be close. Some early results:

Things looking good for Walker right now.

Exit polls readjusted in Walker’s favor


Will the cities narrow the gap?

NBC calls it for Scott Walker!

Other networks follow suit:

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch also survives:

GOP State Senators also likely to prevail:

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