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Blogger falsely accuses Twitchy of privacy abuses

Jazz Shaw, a contributor at Hot Air and Pajamas Media, repeatedly took to Twitter yesterday to accuse Twitchy of invading its users’ “private information.”



Shaw posted these allegations to his several thousand Twitter followers before speaking to anyone at Twitchy.

Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin asked Shaw what he was talking about:


In a subsequent e-mail to Malkin, Shaw stated that he believed Twitchy was improperly harvesting search terms entered into our site’s search bar.

There is no truth whatsoever to Shaw’s allegations. Here is a statement from Twitchy’s lead developer at 10up (the fabulous company that built our site):

This is browser behavior if they have form autofill/remember turned on. There is absolutely nothing being stored by Twitchy when they enter terms in the search form or any other undisclosed data-mining (comments are an obvious example of data that is entered and used), and frankly, I probably would have refused to build it as such.


So the culprit was Shaw’s browser, not anything Twitchy was doing.

Malkin forwarded our developer’s statement to Shaw. Did he run a correction? Did he run a retraction? Did he apologize?

No. He continued to insinuate that Twitchy is engaging in improper “data mining” even after being informed that this is not the case:



Disclosure: Malkin founded Hot Air and sold it to Salem Communications in February 2010.

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