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Leftists trend 'Boycott Meet The Press' because they can't DEAL with opposing opinions (shocker)


Anytime this writer checks X and sees a #Boycott trending, he knows it's going to be a fun ride. Whether it's those on the Right boycotting an organization or company for pushing a radical agenda, or it's those on the Left boycotting for having the audacity to have an opposing opinion to their radical agenda, someone is going to be upset, and we at Twitchy are going to have a good amount of commentary for your reading enjoyment.


The day started out normal enough. 

Meet the Press tweeted out their promotional tweet regarding their interview with Trump.

At that point, one could almost hear the leftist brains start to overload. 

Because titles are LITERAL VIOLENCE!

Interviewing high-profile people, whether on the same side or not, generally adds to one's credibility, not the other way around.

But you do you, Boo.

Well, this writer is cringing at your tweet, so there is that.


This isn't an airport; you don't have to announce your departure. 

Of course, one would be hard-pressed to put a figure as polarizing as Trump in the spotlight without seeing support in the trends.

We could not agree more. Also, despite many people trying, this writer has yet to see anyone succeed in censoring Trump. That does seem to be part of his appeal.

So, to recap ... Meet the Press has a newsworthy individual who is currently embroiled in what appears to be manufactured scandals for the premiere interview for the new host, and the takeaway is that they have sold their soul for ratings, or as this person put out on X before the interview even aired:


It's amazing to this author how many psychics are in the leftist camp.  SMH


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