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It’s so popular! Congressman says Conn. Obamacare applications skyrocket to 167

Yesterday our intrepid Twitchy team documented how the Connecticut Obamacare health exchange website had received 11,000 visits, but only enrolled 22 people in the first three hours. While we gently chided the program’s lack of popularity, we have egg on our collective face now, since the number of applications has zoomed to nearly two hundred! Well, not nearly, really. Closer to 170. But we’re willing to round it up to spare President Obama’s feelings.


Maybe more would sign up if they could actually load the website?

Wait … can Canadians sign up for Obamacare?

Hmm … better not mention the actual enrollment numbers there, representative.

Some people are grumpy just because their premiums are a lot higher — must be greedy capitalists!

Income? You didn’t build that!


You did say “affordable,” right?

Well, at least the prices are accur…

Oh. Well. Okay then.


Does the Connecticut O-care exchange have platinum plans? Absolutely. Also, definitely not.

Reach for the stars! Connecticut Obamacare enrollment exceeds baker’s dozen in 3 hours

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