While President Obama fails at his promise to provide affordable health care for Americans, his slightly more socialist friend down South has been much more successful. Venezuelan president and successor to Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, has seized a chain of electronic stores in order to reward his followers with free electronic gadgets!

Here’s a video reported to be a mob of Maduro supporters breaking into one of the stores, in order to claim their government-issued plasma TVs:

Very orderly distribution.

“This is for the good of the nation,” President Maduro told USA Today. “Leave nothing on the shelves, leave nothing in the warehouses … let nothing remain in stock.”

Maduro’s henchmen reportedly arrested 100 “bourgeois” businessmen:

And why not? Those businessmen didn’t build that.

Maduro faces a tough election in December, for which this is only the latest of oddities he’s foisted on the Venezuelan electorate to assure his victory. He’s also moved up the date that Christmas will be celebrated, and praised apparitions of the ghost of Hugo Chavez as proof of his legitimacy. Here’s another video of the looting:

We wonder if the citizens of Venezuela get “MaduroPhones” and “MaduroCare,” too?

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