Last night, conservative actress Stacey Dash criticized Brown University students who shut down a speech from New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on “proactive policing strategies” — a euphemism for controversial the “stop and frisk” policy that police say has significantly reduced crime but opponents say is based on racism.

Her entire statement via Twitplus:

This pathetic display of disrespect is a perfect example of the liberals lack of leadership and self control. Bullies. Who stand on no foundation of truth or honor. Brown University students shout Commissioner Kelly off the stage as he attempted lecture on policing via @nydailynews

Whatever your position on the “Stop and Frisk” policy, it’s rather despicable for college students, who are supposed to be “open-minded,” not to allow someone who was invited to Brown’s campus to speak.

Here’s video from the event:

Here are some photos that were posted to Twitter:

We’re sure all the young  protesters will grow up to be perfectly respectful, decent citizens, right? Riiiiight.


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