‘It’s personal’: Stacey Dash calls Eric Holder’s war on school vouchers immoral

It was just short of a year ago that actress Stacey Dash led some to believe she had been hacked. Why? She tweeted “Vote for Romney.” That simple show of support led to a torrent of hate tweets and threats, but it also helped launch Dash as a formidable spokesperson for conservatism. Tonight she appeared on “Hannity” to make a case for school vouchers, which are under attack in Louisiana by Eric Holder and the Justice Department.



Gov. Bobby Jindal vows to appeal decision against Louisiana’s school voucher program

  • Clayton Grant

    Voucher schools saved the NOLA school district in the aftermath of Katrina. And they are doing it without the Common Core mindset.

    • Al’s Grandpa ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      ssshhh! Nobody is supposed to know about that. The leftists can only handle so much truth in one 25 year period. Obamacare has already filled that.

  • Catchance

    As with everything the left does, their hypocrisy is astounding. They talk about ‘The Children’ with one side of their mouths, while with the other they refuse school vouchers and advocate for abortion-on-demand.

  • https://twitter.com/thehiredmind Hired Mind

    What’s amazing here is that the Obama administration is fighting tooth and nail for Obamacare, which is essentially government vouchers people can use to pay for healthcare provided by private doctors.

    Yet Obama fights just as hard against vouchers for people to pay for private education.

    • Michael Anderson (WB)

      That’s because in education the end goal is almost done. Education is already a single payer system, any thing else is a regression from leftist ideals. Healthcare is just starting the process, vouchers are the hook.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Now THIS is what “feminism” was supposed to be! Not vagina-wearing costumed clowns, coat-hanger waving death zealots, “traditional” woman-bashing hypocrites, mindless sycophants and stooge apologists for the Democratic Power Elite (MEN! Go figure!), taxpayer-robbing, Slut-Walking nincompoops. THIS.

  • WhoDat

    The letter the DoJ sent to Speaker Boehner detailing their position.


    • drw

      Read it, thank you. Two issues come to my mind, first, this IS from the odrama/holder attorney general’s office (not really known for their honesty), and second (probably more importantly) the federal government has no constitutional authority to regulate or otherwise interfere with the school system of any state.

      • johnstretton

        This administration is not at all concerned with that outdated concept of Constitutional authority. They are far more concerned with the much longer outdated concepts of tyranny and abuse of power.

    • chewydog

      “For example, according to media reports”
      Now the DOJ is using anonymous “media reports” as basis for fact…lol

  • Spinmamma

    And another blow is struck by the Obama Administration on behalf of poor families struggling to get a decent education for their kids because Holder suspects those evil state administrators are sneakily using the vouchers to do an end run around his strong arm desegregation efforts. Trust goes both ways.

  • Maxx

    She articulated an opinion with reasoned acumen and of course, expect the vitriol against her from the “our way or the highway” crowd to soon follow.

    It takes a special kind of bravery to be a female black conservative in this day and age of vile and disgusting contrarians, that’s for sure. However, Stacey marches on like most other conservative warriors…..fed up with the liberal governance that promotes intrusive government in nearly every facet of our lives and worse, a continuing entitlement umbilical cord Democrats demand from womb to tomb.

    And on a non-related note, Stacey would make a blind man take a second look.

    • Markward

      You sir are being a bad conservative! Didn’t you get VRWC memo 10-222 stating you are to find all women, especially black women repulsive. You are to report to the reeducation center to be your bigoted, racist, evil conservative.


  • Gwyndolen Boudicca Benghazi Be

    Stacey is awesome. Keep fighting the good fight. Luv ya Stacey!

  • DisqusId2012

    Vouchers would result in an educated voter base. That’s a liberals worst nightmare.

  • Jack Deth

    It’s very sad, but not really surprising. School Voucher Systems keep coming for votes in the DC City Council. And each gets pummeled and ground into the ground. While Obama’s and countless other Democrats send their kids to PC perfect Sidwell Friends.

    Evidently, Obama needs more Low Information voters to fill the gaps of those finally wising up to Obama care!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmSIOoy6MlE&app=desktop Booker

    Sweet!!!!! Thanks Hannity!

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Stacey is beautiful inside and out.

  • BAW

    I had heard that Katrina basically destroyed the public schools in New Orleans (I remember the school buses they hadn’t bothered to use to evacuate people, lined up in the flood waters) and at least initially and in some areas it was a sort of voucher system and individuals who created some new private schools to fill the gaps. That not surprisingly, they turned out to be far better than the public schools they were filing in for. I assume their public schools are back open but if there are better schools that came into existence during their time of need, they should be supported and encouraged not punished. But it’s it typical that when anyone actually tries to do something “for the children” the Democrats try to stop it.

    • Bemani Dog ✓certifiable

      When someone wants to blame Bush for Katrina, I point to the drowned school buses.


    Dash and James Woods show courage for speaking their convictions considering where they must work and live.

  • roccolore

    And while Democrats attack school choice, they are choosing to send their kids to the very charter and private schools that other parents what to send their kids to.

  • Gallatin

    Can’t wait for your book Stacey!