Melinda Gates spoke with CNN host Erin Burnett about the gospel of the Common Core education standards. Her optimistic description of what the standards mean did not meet with Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin’s assessment of the controversial education plan:

From the linked article:

In 2010, William McCallum, another lead writer of Common Core’s math standards, said “The overall standards would not be too high, certainly not in comparison [to] other nations, including East Asia, where math education excels.”


One cannot define an authentic college-readiness and expect 100% of students to meet it. The Common Core chose to dumb-down its definition of college-readiness so it can make the political claim that its standards are “college ready.” Common Core standards are set to prepare students only for non-selective community colleges.

From the linked article:

… the Core claims to be “internationally benchmarked,” but supporters can’t name a country to which it is pegged. In addition, according to Stanford mathematician James Milgram, the math standards would put kids two years behind their top-scoring international peers by grade seven.

And that doesn’t even touch upon the weird math lessons, lessons on the “outdated” constitution, and the overt sexual messaging that meets Common Core “standards.” But we don’t expect Erin Burnett to actually ask Melinda Gates about any of that.

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