Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin absolutely eviscerated Al Sharpton during her guest appearance on Hannity last night. The clown prince of race-baiters had a guest on his show that called Hannity “a paid assassin of African-Americans,” and Hannity asked Malkin to comment on his demand that Sharpton apologize.

Some excerpts from her fiery response:

Al Sharpton has blood on his hands. He’s ruined lives. He’s been one of the worst purveyors of racial divisiveness and hate in my lifetime. How can you expect of ounce of honor from a man who doesn’t have it?”

She continued, actually taking Hannity and other conservatives to task for enabling “this race charlatan”:

I love you like a brother, Sean, and I was very dismayed when you made that decision, and I know you made it out of good faith, to attend the National Action Network, but this guy is a shakedown artist who hates cops, who hates whites, who hates Jews…

If you get in a snake pit, you will be bit, and conservatives have been far too nice to these people in a good-faith effort to try and have honest faith relations. You can’t with somebody who is a demagogue and who is evil.

A strong, but worthy condemnation of a despicable man who lines his pockets by the misery of a community that he has misled and propagandized for years.

Twitter users agreed wholeheartedly:

Meanwhile, Malkin followed up with some links to her long campaign to dethrone Al Sharpton:


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