Timing is everything, huh? This afternoon, Democratic Congressman Al Green issued a “joint press statement” with Lucinda Daniels, with whom he had a “romantic encounter” in 2007:


It sure is. What are we supposed to make of this?

From the Houston Chronicle on December 1, 2008:

U.S. Rep. Al Green has withdrawn a lawsuit he filed in September asking a federal judge to find that he never discriminated against an ex-employee.

Green’s attorney, Ben Hall, asked last week that the case be dismissed because Lucinda Daniels, without payment or promise of money, signed a written agreement dismissing and releasing all claims against Green.

Lawyers for the two sides released the following joint statement Monday: “Congressman Alexander Green and Lucinda Daniels have both resolved and settled their respective disputes without payment, promise or receipt of any money. They regret any circumstances that created this dispute. They do not wish to pursue any litigation against each other. And, they wish each other well.”

So, um, if this was settled in 2008, why release a new statement?

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