FCC chair Ajit Pai has made no secret of his opposition to Net Neutrality. And that apparently makes his family fair game for harassment and intimidation:

More from the Washington Post:

During an interview Monday on “Fox & Friends,” viewers were shown cardboard signs that host Steve Doocy said were put up at Pai’s home in suburban Virginia. One sign, appearing to refer to Pai’s children, read: “They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered Democracy in cold blood.”

Pai said those signs crossed a line, even as he noted the charged debate over net neutrality. “I understand that people are passionate about policy, but the one thing in America that should remain sacred is that families, wives and kids, should remain out of it. And stop harassing us at our homes.”

Pai said in a statement, “Internet regulation activists have crossed the line by threatening and harassing my family. They should leave my family out of this and focus on debating the merits of the issue.”

Of course it’s sick. But for some people, Pai and his family totally have it coming to them:

Lovely. Keep up the great work, morons. You’re gonna love where this gets you.