First, Hillary Clinton waited five days to release a short and utterly pathetic statement on Dem donor and pal Harvey Weinstein, claiming she was “shocked and appalled by the revelations.” Last night, she took her act to TV and once again came off looking bad:

Given the fact that she’s still willingly married to a serial womanizer and alleged rapist, you’d think she’d’ve learned to recognize sexism and misogyny in close friends. Amazing how she manages to overlook something like that, isn’t it? Actually, it’s not so much amazing as it is troubling. Which is why conservative blogger Jesse Kelly can’t help but feel a sense of relief on behalf of the country:

No kidding!

Of course, it’s hard to believe she didn’t have even the slightest clue that Harvey Weinstein was a piece of human excrement. The Weinstein scandal has been illuminating in many respects — including shining yet another glaring spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy and cravenness. She was an accountability-dodging coward long before this, and she’ll be one long after.