As Twitchy told you last night, even CNN couldn’t help but notice that Hillary Clinton (and Barack Obama) had yet to speak out against longtime Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein.

Today, the network doubled down, featuring a damning analysis by Chris Cillizza — yes, that Chris Cillizza — as the most prominent article on their main page:

Significant indeed. Credit where it’s due: CNN was holding shameful Democrats to account. And because one of those shameful Democrats is Hillary Clinton, Peter Daou had to step in and set the record straight:

This afternoon, Hillary finally issued a halfhearted, insincere statement condemning Weinstein. And, once again, Cillizza called her out:

Which sent Peter into Hillarysplaining overdrive:

Yeah, we saw what she said about him. She may as well have not said anything, it was such a garbage statement.

He’s serious, folks.

And Peter’s obsessive focus on Hillary Clinton is classic delusion.

Heh. But seriously. The way Daou is running interference for Hillary not only makes him look like a nutter, but it shines a glaring spotlight on her ineptitude and cowardice.

Last time we checked, the “mainstream media” isn’t determined to pin Harvey Weinstein on Hillary. What Hillary’s critics do want is for Hillary to put Harvey Weinstein’s money where her big mouth is. If she’s going to portray herself as some sort of women’s rights crusader, then she’d better figure out how to come out swinging against Weinstein. Because this?

This is not gonna cut it.