North Korea gets such a bad rap, you guys. Good thing the New York Times’ Nick Kristof is willing to do the hard work of setting the record straight:

More from the Washington Examiner:

Liberal New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is reporting from North Korea and sharing photos on social media of school children, food and the “fun” he is witnessing in the rogue country.

Kristof began tweeting and posting photos to Instagram on Tuesday and he said he has interviewed government officials and toured “a side of the country that doesn’t always come through.”


He said he is staying in a government-provided guest house and that he has access to Internet, even though the country’s people are only allowed to use a state-controlled “intranet.”

Does that mean all those happy, well fed North Koreans can’t even read his posts about how awesome their lives are?

Pffft. Mandatory, shmandatory. The North Koreans love compulsive military service.

You’ve gotta hand it to Kristof: He’s achieved a new level of willful tone-deafness.

For all its flaws, North Korea’s a pretty great place.

Everything is terrible.