Editor’s note: Here at Twitchy, we believe it’s important to own up to mistakes. We expect it of others and hold ourselves to the same standard. On that note, we would like to own up to misinterpreting Chait’s “white supremacist” tweet. It’s now clear that he was being sarcastic and mocking the Left’s penchant for crying “white supremacist” at every turn. We regret the error and apologize to Mr. Chait.

The original post is below.

Jonathan Chait: Doing his part to get Donald Trump re-elected, one tweet at a time.

Speaking of slippage:

This. Effing. Guy.

To be fair, Jonathan Chait isn’t exactly known for his good takes. But still. This one is really something special.

We’re not sure Jonathan’s healthy, either. Can you imagine what a wreck he’ll be when he realizes what a boon he is to Trump?