Today’s a big day for Hillary Clinton, what with the release of her joke of a book and all. And a big day for Hillary means an even bigger day for her most devoted fan Peter Daou.

While sensible people see “What Happened” as Hillary’s latest attempt to bitch and moan about losing the election thanks to everyone but her, Daou sees it as an opportunity to proclaim her and her legions more powerful than ever:

Oh yeah. He’s just getting started:

This guy slays us.

Speaking of unhinged …

We’re Verrit-ably shaking in our boots!

Says the guy in the perpetual state of denial. A lot of people might get tired of spending every waking hour lying to yourself. But not Peter Daou. He makes it look easy! And if Hillary throws him a bone like this every once in a while:

We can rest assured that we’ll have plenty more Daou-ist musings to look forward to.



He’s still going strong:

We’re not so much flummoxed as we are endlessly entertained.



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