As Twitchy told you, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo deleted a tweet attempting to rationalize the network’s crusade against the Reddit user who created that now-infamous Trump-bodyslamming-CNN gif. But not to worry … he was more than happy to fill the void with more garbage:

Good Lord.

It gets worse:

And Cuomo draws the line at “B.S.” B.S. is just something he cannot abide.

We’ll get back to that one in a minute.

Odd? So what? Why the hell should CNN be digging up dirt on and threatening a random gif creator?

And CNN treats all of its unnamed sources like the gif guy?

Heaven help any other anonymous sources who cross paths with CNN.

You just can’t bring yourself to put down that shovel, can you, Chris?

By all means, Chris. Keep going:

Stop. Rationalizing. Blackmail.

OK, now let’s get back to this especially awful Cuomo tweet:

It takes a buttload of nerve for a CNN staple to say that, we’ll give him that much.

It’s only fair!

Probably. Unless, maybe, they’re willing to apologize and “get woke”:

Get bent.