What better way to educate America’s future female leaders than to keep them out of school?

Expect to see more of this:

Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools will be closed to students on March 8 – proclaimed as “A Day Without A Woman” – because the school system expects to be shorthanded.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Superintendent Jim Causby made the call, changing next Wednesday to a teacher workday. Students won’t be expected to make up the day because the school system is on schedule to meet the required number of instructional hours anyway.

Causby made the decision because principals and other supervisors in the school system reported that they expected a high number of staff members to be absent on March 8.

In Virginia, Alexandria City Public Schools will also be closed:

All Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) will be closed on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 due to the observance of ‘International Women’s Day’ or ‘A Day Without Women’.

The school system announced Monday that after 300 staff members requested Wednesday off, they’ve decided to close for the day. The day will be a “teacher work day for ACPS staff.”

The school system said this was “not a decision that was made lightly,” and was based solely on their “ability to provide sufficient staff to cover all classrooms.” They said this decision was not based on a political stance or position.

The decision was not political? Nice try. All the teachers ditching their jobs to participate in the whole “Day Without A Woman” farce are doing so purely for political reasons. This is all about politics.

And who pays the price? It’s not the evil patriarchy; it’s the students. And, in many cases, their mothers:

Great work as usual, feminists.







Because of course.