Man. The MSM is really not taking Trump’s press conferences well. At today’s joint presser with Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump once again opted to call on more conservative-oriented outlets.

Which basically means, as CNN’s Jim Acosta put it, that “the fix is in”:

That’s cute.

Maybe that’s because the press conference was specifically about Israeli-Palestinian relations:

But we digress. Perhaps the best example of the MSM’s sneering condescension toward smaller media outlets comes from NBC’s Katy Tur — with a little help from Brian Fallon and ThinkProgress luminary Zack Ford:

Can you believe it???

The “Katy from T—” was Townhall’s Katie Pavlich.

Pavlich indeed did Townhall proud:

Imagine that!


A deliciously cruel one.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets and video.



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