As Twitchy told you, pro-life parents have been using the #MyUnintendedJoy hashtag to share stories of the happiness their children have brought into their lives. Mary Katharine Ham offered her contribution with a post she wrote only a few days ago about navigating raising her two daughters after losing her beloved husband in an accident:

Many tweeters thanked Ham for sharing such a personal story and applauded her courage in persevering for both herself and her daughters:

While Ham’s story inspired most to admire her and to be grateful for every blessing, it inspired one heartless troll to unleash a barrage of hate:

Disgusting. Ham was understandably shocked at the woman’s brutality:

It gets worse:

Ham’s grace in the face of ugliness stands in stark contrast to this:

Ham is more than capable of defending herself from moral degenerates, but for what it’s worth, she’s got a veritable army of allies in her corner. Allies who were proud to take this troll to task:



So, is Lin sorry for saying all those horrible things? Maybe, maybe not. But she’s at least acknowledging that maybe she should’ve kept her awfulness to herself:

Still. As far as apologies go, that one’s sorely lacking.

This doesn’t help:

Stop talking, Lin.