Salon, ladies and gentlemen:

Credit for this one goes to the illustrious Amanda Marcotte.

She really put a lot of thought into this:

Brown v Board of Education, the legendary Supreme Court case that ended segregation in public schools, was decided nearly 63 years ago. Donald Trump hadn’t yet turned 8 years old. And yet by nominating Betsy DeVos as secretary of education and rushing through her confirmation hearings on Tuesday, Trump and the overwhelmingly white Republican congressional contingent suggest that conservative white resistance to equality in education lives on.

At a certain point, it’s time to stop pretending that these poor outcomes are an accident and start to consider the possibility that excluding low-income and minority students is largely the point.

Unfortunately, many liberals, including President Barack Obama, continue to insist there’s some value in the charter system. Whether it’s out of a honest misreading of the situation or an effort to meet conservatives halfway hardly matters. The nomination of a radical like DeVos lays the ugly intentions behind these school voucher schemes bare. Public education faces significant problems and solving them will not be easy. It cannot be accomplished by introducing an unnecessarily complex system designed to increase segregation and inequality by clandestine means.

It’s actually kind of impressive how Marcotte’s well of crap never seems to run dry. And it’s even more impressive that Salon continues to see an upside in giving her a platform.

They’re pretty much the only weapon the Left has at this point.



Oh no they didn’t! Look what Dems are trying to pin on Betsy DeVos