Maybe Jessica Chastain’s pissed that her latest film, gun control propaganda piece “Miss Sloane,” was a total box office bomb. Maybe she’s pissed that Hillary lost the election. Or maybe she’s just pissed that nobody takes her seriously. If that last one’s the case, this deep thought isn’t going to do her any favors:

She continued:

$150 a month?! Where does Jessica get her birth control? Neiman Marcus?

But let’s focus on that first one, since it’s so amazing:

Where to begin?

It seems there’s no limit.

It’s nice that Chastain wants to lend her voice to the feminist chorus. But it would be a lot more effective if she bothered to understand what that hell she’s talking about first.

Is she proud of suggesting that women are incapable of taking care of themselves?

Serious question: What does paying for birth control have to do with work force participation?

Forget the birth control; what we need right now is some Tylenol. We’ve got a splitting headache.