And now, from the “How to Ensure You Get Eight Years of Trump” file:

More from Fast Company:

Ad creatives Michelle Hirschberg and Karen Land Short have just launched Not This White Woman, a clothing line for the 47% of white women who didn’t vote for Trump. Hirschberg says as white women, they constantly found themselves wanting to tell strangers on sidewalks and subways that they weren’t part of the 53%.

“We’re used to sharing our social/political beliefs on social media but as the election showed us, we’re all preaching to ourselves,” says Hirschberg. “I think people are wearing their beliefs because it is a way to share it in the real world. We want the world to know what kinds of people we are. To know that we think all people are entitled to the same rights (whether it’s marriage or health care or safety). That even with a president-elect inspiring hate and prejudice, there is still goodness in the world. And the hope is that if we show how many of us are out there, love really can Trump hate.”

Icing on the cake? All profits will go, naturally, to Planned Parenthood.

If nothing else, crap like this is entertaining. It seems self-important SJWs (but we repeat ourselves) are more determined than ever to keep losing — and we’re more than happy to just sit back and watch.