As Twitchy told you yesterday, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti informed BuzzFeed employees that the site was terminating its ad deal with the RNC.

And today:

More from CNN Money:

[BuzzFeed chairman Kenneth] Lerer’s political leanings are no secret: The digital media pioneer has been a prominent Democratic donor for years.

“My political activities are personal and have nothing to do with any of my business responsibilities at Buzzfeed,” Lerer said in an email to CNNMoney on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, when asked whether there was a connection between that decision and Lerer’s DNC fundraiser, a BuzzFeed spokeswoman said: “The business decision to cancel Trump for President ads was made by Jonah Peretti, our CEO. He is not participating in any fundraisers for political organizations or candidates.”

But the chairman … is. Huh.

We’re getting mixed messages here …

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