This afternoon, Twitter erupted over news that Marco Rubio was “warming up to Donald Trump.” Could that be true? After all he’s been through and fought for, how could he possibly warm up to Trump?

At HotAir, Allahpundit writes:

W-w-w-what? Marco Rubio, who gave the most stirring anti-Trump statement of the campaign impromptu at a press conference just six weeks ago now wants to throw in the towel before the primaries are over? The only chance conservatives have of stopping Trump is on the second ballot at the convention, and now the guy who went around calling him a con man for weeks thinks we can’t risk having people get angry by denying him the party’s support? W-w-w-w-w-w-w-what? Is Marco going to introduce Trump at the convention? Are we — my God — looking at a Trump/Rubio ticket perchance?

The answer to that is: No. At least not based on anything Rubio’s actually said.

More from Allahpundit:

So I tracked down audio of the quote. It turns out he said this on a radio show more than a week ago. Breitbart picked it up a few days later, emphasizing the same “Let’s not divide the party” bit that the Tampa Bay Times seized on, which makes it sound like Rubio was articulating his own personal opinion. But he wasn’t. Listen to the audio below, starting at around 5:40, and you’ll see that he’s presenting this as an argument that Team Trump could (and will) make to the delegates, not an argument that Rubio thinks should prevail.

Pretty clear once you see the whole quote. Rubio is warming to Trump in some ways, reiterating elsewhere in the clip that he’ll support the nominee against Hillary, but he’s not arguing against a contested convention. What probably happened is that the writer of the Tampa Bay Times pieces went looking for material online to support his “Rubio’s caving to Trump” thesis, found the Breitbart piece, and reproduced the quote verbatim without checking the original audio. Turns out Rubio’s still open to deciding the nomination on the convention floor. And why wouldn’t he be? That’s the point of keeping his delegates bound to him on the first ballot — to keep them away from Trump in case he needs a few to clinch.

He does not sound like he’s ready to jump aboard the Trump Train.

Context is everything.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.

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