Well, this is unfortunate …

Slate history writer Rebecca Onion interviewed Lyra Monteiro, a critic of the hit musical “Hamilton”:

But perhaps the strongest entry yet in the small-but-growing canon of Hamilton criticism was published by historian Lyra Monteiro in the journal the Public Historian. Monteiro’s essay is a resounding corrective, questioning the universal understanding of the show as racially progressive, unpacking the unusual casting strategy, and wondering why no historical people of color find a place in Hamilton’s narrative. Acknowledging that the show may have the power to interest kids in the history of the Revolutionary era because of the way its major roles are cast, Monteiro asks: “Is this the history that we most want black and brown youth to connect with—one in which black lives so clearly do not matter?”

Monteiro sounds like a fun gal. But it gets better:

And — you guessed it — a college professor:

lyra monteiro twitter bio

For an alleged history expert, she sure doesn’t seem to be terribly well versed in, you know, history.

Ha! It definitely has that parody vibe going on.


And research is for suckers!

Oh well. At least there’s a silver lining in all this:


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