This is pretty great.

Last week, a conservative PAC released a trio of devastating anti-Trump ads, hitting the aspiring POTUS for allegedly defrauding countless Americans through his “Trump University”:

Now, Trump’s campaign is calling on Conservative Solutions, a pro-Rubio super PAC, to retract them:

OK, then.

Aside from the fact that Trump University actually has all the trappings of a giant scam, there’s a pretty significant problem with Team Trump’s demand:


Turns out the Trump campaign was so busy being pissed off, they forgot to verify who actually made the ads. It wasn’t Conservative Solutions.

The ads were in fact released by American Future Fund, another conservative group.

So close, Team Trump! But not really.

It seems Trump’s campaign eventually realized their mistake, because the official press release now reads “American Future Fund” where “Conservative Solutions PAC” used to be:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.23.00 PM

Unfortunately for Trump, the damage to his credibility — not to mention to his professed reputation for always being right — was already done: