As Twitchy reported, there’s a battle brewing between Team Cruz and Team Rubio over a Photoshopped image of a grinning Marco Rubio enthusiastically shaking hands with Barack Obama:


Cruz’s rapid response director Brian Phillips and campaign director Jeff Roe are feverishly attempting to defend it:

Needless to say, they’re not doing such a great job.

And many tweeters can’t help but ask:

You know, if they’re zeroing in on handshakes, Phillips and Roe have opened up a pretty big can of worms …

And then, of course, there’s this:

How can anyone?

And what about this?

And this?

And this?

We’re so conflicted right now. Clearly there’s only one thing that can prevent future controversies like this:



Busted: Team Cruz says it’s ‘common practice’ to use fake photos; Calls Rubio ‘piddly’ and ‘petulant’

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