It was inevitable, really:

Here we go.



Tell it to the EPA! Michael Moore: Flint water crisis ‘wouldn’t happen in a white city’

‘Silenced by an Obama appointee’: Ron Fournier drops a truth bomb on ‘Obama’s EPA’ over Flint water crisis

‘Huh?’ Josh Earnest’s assessment of EPA’s role in Flint water crisis baffles

These liberals have discovered there’s more lead in the water in many Pennsylvania cities than Flint

  • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

    Martin O’Malley hardest hit. The poor dear is missing out.

    • algonquinmatt

      it wasn’t until he dropped out that i realized that some people referred to him by his initials…MOM. Just what the cool guy of the group needed.

      • journogal

        Well, it goes well with great-grandmother candidate and great-great grandfather candidate of the Democrat party.

      • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

        Ha ha ha!! I hadn’t realized that. It’s very fitting for that dope.

  • Carolyn#OYSD

    Can you spell PANDER? I knew you could.

    • Jesse-Messy Hammer

      Yep, and that’s the point: Michiganders (and Michigeese [swidt]) who fall for it won’t be bothering to ask themselves how this DemoStunt cleans up their drinking water.

      • rflora85

        I’m anxious to see which one of these stooges is the first to mention how much potable water they brought with them to the debate.

        In Flint news, Jason Chaffetz-R (chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform committee), wants to know why officials from Flint are refusing subpoenas via lawyer. However, the democrats want to know why Gov. Rick Snyder hasn’t been called on… because he’s the one who appointed the guy, who refuses subpoenas via lawyer, to manage the emergency. All of a sudden, and I’m assuming because the governor is a Republican, chief executives of a state are accountable for who they appoint.

        Double standard achievement unlocked.

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    What’s a little more poison, at this point?

  • bedfordthegreat

    Flint residents were better off with the bad water than with this.

  • G3

    Will they be talking about the failures of the Dem mayor and town council…or the EPA?


  • jwz

    Are Hillary and Bernie going to be the exhibits of what happens to your brain after being exposed to lead poisoning for decades?

  • algonquinmatt

    Prediction: Michael Moore will be allowed to ask a question.

  • FreedomFighter

    The backdrop will be a water tower.

  • DJ Weideman

    Will they address how 50-plus years of Democrat rule throughout the state has brought it to this point?

    • Torcer

      I’m guessing that will be mysteriously missing from the broadcast..

    • journogal

      Nah, they’ll say it’s all Romney, Sr.’s fault.

    • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

      No, they’ll be blaming 8 years of Bush, like always.

      • journogal

        And Koch brothers and capitalism.

  • algonquinmatt

    Flint, Michigan is a hellhole, regardless of the water quality.

  • Zhytamyr

    There are only two dem candidates left, one communicates only through incomprehensible muttering, and the other through cackles and screeching. Best dem debate season ever.

  • kennyraisin

    Make sure they drink plenty of fluids.

  • Anicra

    The people responsible for the mess and actually going to go there like their saviors…

  • Fire and Adjust!

    I wonder if Hillary will be scared of the water in Flint because it could give her lead poisoning or because it will make her melt.

    • Arttie the Deplorable


  • Russ

    Please, oh please, oh please put tap water in the glasses on their lecterns.

  • bifski

    please drink the water

    • Shaun Michaels

      They already have. They’re Democrats.

    • MarciaTheMurkyMuse? Variegated

      Better than Kool-Aid.

  • wrestlefan01


  • Guy Dudebreaux

    Feed them Chipotle and tap water.

    • journogal

      Before or after the debate?

      • KHSoldier(Ret)&Writer

        Before…then they truly have a reason to spew the sh!t they are going to spew anyway!

  • Laurel

    Don’t drink the water…

    • journogal

      Or in this case, the candidates are more than welcome to drink it.

  • Grumpy

    The winner will be the one that drinks the most water

  • keyboard jockey

    Who wants to bet me that the EPA is never mentioned?

    • Tyrconnell

      It’ll be portrayed as the noble EPA finding out that the EEEEEEEEEEVil Republican governor was personally poisoning little minority children.

  • Anthony

    I guess it’s a BYOB event.

  • CBDS

    The Pandering Pantsuit strikes again! Hope she cares about the liitle people from her future jail cell lol.

  • Barney Hadden

    They should take a leaf from Marco Rubio’s book. And they should invite the all-democratic city governors, as well as the all-democratic city fathers of Detroit and the representatives of President Obama’s EPA, who know to bring bottled water.

  • Kevin Giltrud

    Question for the DNC:

    What heinous crime did Flint, Michigan commit to demand such an atrocity as a Presidential debate or town hall?!!!

  • nboptimist

    Can they schedule one in my city, Allentown, PA. Apparently, we have a worse lead problem than Flint.

  • Arttie the Deplorable
    • The Real Zach Smith

      You could probably sell that as paint stripper.

      • Arttie the Deplorable

        It is reportedly strong enough that GM could use it to get rid of all its lemons.

  • Petrucio14

    They better bring a whole lot of bottled water. The Democrats can’t afford to lose any more brain cells. Those the do have are dying of loneliness now; the lead in the water would make them assume room temperature. Never mind, go to Flint, enjoy the ambience!

  • KC

    Don’t tell the Democrats but “18 cities in Pennsylvania reported higher levels of lead exposure than Flint”.

  • JV


    More government is a great idea /s

  • Klaatu

    Hope they get a lot of local water…..

    And let’s not forget that the council that approved this move was composed of Democrats.

  • soxfan4evah

    Please tell me they will be drinking the water….

  • whatev…✓ yo’self.

    I wonder if we could get them to do a debate in the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan, you know, just to show how bad nuclear power is.

  • Jerry Shelton

    Please, please let them drink copious amounts of the local water. Please!