Today’s House Benghazi Committee hearing has been chock-full of disturbing Hillary moments, but this may be the most disturbing one of all.

When GOP Rep. Martha Roby questioned her about where she was on the night of the attacks, Hillary … well, just see for yourself:


Roby: Who else was at your home? Were you alone?

Clinton: I was alone, yes.

Roby: The whole night?

Clinton: Well, yes, the whole night. [laughs hysterically]

Roby: I don’t know why that’s funny. I mean, did you have any in-person briefings? I don’t find it funny at all.

Neither do we. In fact, we find it downright sickening. What the hell is wrong with this woman?

All we can say is that she’s unfit for office. She’s unfit, period.

Wishful thinking? Probably, given her uncanny ability to avoid punishment. But we can always hold out hope that she’ll have to pay her dues someday.

And when she does, we’ll be there … cackling right back at her.



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