NARAL just took home the gold in intellectual gymnastics … and the booby prize in history.

Take a look:

From Fusion:

The mainstream understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement is that it’s combatting the shooting deaths of young black men and women by law enforcement. But the GOP’s response to Planned Parenthood creates another battlefield: the systematic hijacking of black women’s health, the systematic erasure of black and brown women’s lives. Their literal lives and the lives of their future children.

Talk about messed up.

But wait — there’s more:

From an op-ed by 9to5’s Georgia state director Charmaine Davis:

Historically the right to motherhood has been challenged and in some cases denied to black women in America. They have been forcibly sterilized, their children have been unjustly executed by the state and, as a result of unjust economic policies, some have felt compelled to have an abortion to avoid falling deeper into poverty.

Black women have long been the targets of population control and historically have been disproportionately affected by sterilization abuse.

And guess who was in favor of using abortion to control the black population — Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.



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