Actor/comedian Patton Oswalt is feelin’ the Bern, baby!

Actor Adam Baldwin decided to confront him about his mad love for an avowed socialist:

Patton didn’t like that:

What’s wrong, Patton? Don’t want to admit you’re propping up a guy who wants to redistribute wealth in America? Your wealth?

Too bad Patton’s not actually interested in the truth.

Oh, snap!

Really, dude? That’s all you’ve got? Too bad for you that Baldwin’s not the kind of guy who rolls over when someone hurls lame insults at him.

Never mind that the “talking point” is an apt one.

Bless Patton’s little heart. He actually thinks he’s winning this battle.

The only one who’s been fooled here is you, Patton. By socialism’s empty promises and a warped version of history.

Classy comeback, pal. Real classy.

Awww. Something tells us Baldwin will find a way to pick up the pieces.




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