As Twitchy reported, earlier today, Boing Boing took some major heat from the Tolerance Mob over a cat meme. Yes, a cat meme:


And, just as Twitchy predicted, the tweet disappeared, to be replaced by an apology (which notably featured the “offensive” graphic):

Here’s a screenshot in case they delete that one, too:

boingboing apology

At first, we felt kinda bad for them. After all, outraged lefties are a particularly nasty bunch.

But then, they did this:

And we pretty much lost whatever sympathy we had for them.

So yeah. Basically, they’re just a bunch of jerks.

Well, Boing Boing gave them one anyway:

Yep. They’re jerks.



Boing Boing getting trashed over ‘disappointingly transphobic’ photo of a cat