Today is a sad day for the U.S. Senate. Locked in an ongoing battle with cancer, Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is retiring to focus on his health. This morning, he delivered his farewell speech:


More from The Hill:

“To those of you over the years who I have offended, I truly apologize,” Coburn said on a serious note. “None of that was intended because I actually see things different. I believe our founders were absolutely brilliant — far smarter than us. I believe the enumerated powers meant something.”

He said the most important number in the Senate is one — one senator. He said it doesn’t matter if you have 60 votes or 51 votes, because the founding fathers established a body where just one member can stop legislation.

“No senator should be able to decide what the rights of another senator are — that’s ternary,” Coburn said. “We must respect the rights of others.”

You can watch the speech here.

Dr. Coburn will be sorely missed.



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