CNN’s Ivan Watson was in Irbil, Iraq, where he met Andros, a university student who fled from ISIS with his family two days ago. Andros was understandably shaken-up, as Watson quickly discovered:

Video via The Daily Caller:


Watson: What was the scene like when you ran away?

Andros: I don’t know, I’m just too scared. There was a f*cking thousand cars … sorry, a thousand cars. And my father drove a car for six hours. Six hours — three hours in the dust, and three hours on the road. When we were in the dust, we couldn’t see anything. Just cars are running away. We didn’t know where we are going. So, I don’t know.”

Considering what he and his countrymen are facing, Andros showed incredible restraint. We can’t even begin to imagine going through what they are going through.


Watson: And you were running from ISIS, from the Islamic State.

Andros: Yeah, Islamic State. Those people are not people; they are monsters. Even not monsters — monsters are better.

Watson: Do you think you can ever go home?

Andros: I don’t think so.

Pray for Andros, and for all the refugees.