Nothing gets the lefty media’s juices flowing like a liberal comedian explaining the news. The latest object of their affection? Comedian and former “Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver, who now breaks down current events on his own HBO show, “Last Week Tonight.”

Yep. Here’s what the lib media are squeeing over today:

Oh, the swoonage!

Lucille Bluth excited squee

Oliver’s had just about enough of this “American Dream” nonsense — and the media couldn’t be happier:

Telling your audience that the American Dream is a myth and hard work just isn’t worth the effort is “inspired”? Since when?

It’s pretty gross. Not to mention flat-out wrong:

And call us crazy, but isn’t Oliver — a Brit — kinda sorta living the American Dream?

People are living the American Dream every day. And the media fête a guy who tells us it’s a crock.

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