Tell us something we didn’t know.

As Twitchy reported, over the weekend, giddy lefties gleefully passed around a graphic likening conservative mom Holly Fisher to a female jihadist. Today, Slate got in on the idiocy:

Three cheers for “real journalism”!

Ben Mathis-Lilley, who wrote about the graphic for Slate, graciously conceded that Fisher isn’t an actual jihadist, “but still, after a holiday in which we use huge explosions to celebrate a country that regularly kills people abroad with missiles and bombs, perhaps even the nonextremist patriots among us might see the aesthetic overlap between the two images above and engage in some self-reflection about the potential consequences of aggressive national pride.”

The stupid. It scorches. Fortunately, at least one liberal isn’t giving Slate a pass on its asshattery:




This is kind of awesome:

Fisher thinks it’s awesome, too:

And she’d like Slate to see it:




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